I am Speechless

No really, I am speechless. If you received an adjustment on St. Patrick’s Day you may have been given a very delicious and nutritious smoothie, heard some traditional Irish music, saw a lot of shamrocks and green, but also may have witnessed me not being able to talk too well.

I did have Laryngitis on that day. My speaking abilities were out the door. My end of the day phone calls were a bit off and sounded like Barry White. Yes, even a chiropractor whom gets adjusted regularly for wellness can get sick too.

But is getting sick really a bad thing? I wasn’t able to talk too well, had some energy issues that day and wanted to sleep. Certain things were happening on the inside once I got home. I slept, my temperature rose, started to sweat, and I couldn’t think straight.

I do know that my immune system, which is powered by my nervous system was fighting like mad to knock out all intruders, either a bacteria or a virus. An increased temperature makes for a less desirable environment for the little bugs and they perish. Sweating excretes waste like any toxins from this process. That’s why drinking your good old H2O is such a good thing. My parasympathetic nervous system was clicking in full tilt. That’s the one that tells the body to ramp up the healing process during times like these. Thinking straight and clear is something that is more difficult to do when so much of my energy was going towards ramping up my phagocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, neutrophils, b cells, and t cells. It’s time to go to battle and kick out the undesirables. A few days later a victory occurs. This must happen in order to get well. It is yourown body’s ability to get well naturally. Love it up and it will do marvelous things for you.

Carpe Diem,

Dr. Brian Trautman