Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year. It is a very fun opportunity to celebrate and spend time with the loved ones. Being indoors by a fireplace while it’s blustery and cold outside adds an extra level of comfort. Those Christmas movies aren’t quite the same without it :-). Indulge in some holiday treats like some egg nog, rum cake, maybe a candy cane with the kids, a champagne toast at New Years. Laughter, comfort food, fun and games are all normal and healthy for celebration of the season. Being in good spirits elevates your body’s healthy responses. I encourage people to celebrate the good times. It is excellent for the soul.

It is also important not to get too carried away too often as well. New Year resolutions are nice when it is a nice subtle one because of all the hard work and efforts from the previous year have paid off. Sticking to a consistent exercise regimen is key. I find working out on a not so cold day (above zero degrees folks, brrrr) all bundled up is quite invigorating. Gets the heart a thumpin, those muscles moving, joints in motion. It is good to challenge yourself. Your days are a breeze when you do so. I like to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Anything that has life to it and a trustworthy source with not too may ingredients. The ones like avocado, apple, spinach, water, walnuts, vegetable soup… yummy. Can be good for the soul and your body will love you for it as well!

Have a fantastic Holiday folks,
Dr. Brian Trautman