Dr. Andrew Johansen

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Andrew was very active, playing baseball, football, and ultimate Frisbee. His Dad passed his love of fitness down to Andrew, who took up exercising at the age of 12. Through the years, and with many nagging injuries from incorrect training principles, Andrew’s fitness philosophy gradually became one of functional movement, core stability, and flexibility. He graduated in 2015 with a B.S. in Sports and Exercise Sciences and started working in the personal training industry.

Despite enjoying his work as a trainer, Andrew was drawn to understanding the body and functional movement and biomechanics more fully and decided to go back to school. As he was growing up, he had received chiropractic care sporadically and, as it came time to decide on a post-graduate educational choice, the chiropractic program at the nearby National University of Health Sciences became a natural choice.

While in school, Andrew was an active member of the student community as an anatomy tutor and regular attendee of student clubs and organizations. He attended seminars, shadowed chiropractors in the area, and went to numerous educational talks on campus. In the spring of 2019, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Chiropractic Doctorate.

Andrew enjoys hanging out with family, exercising, reading, and playing sports like Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and disc golf.