I would like to talk to you about balance. There are many different forms of balance we can have in our lives. One form of balance is physical.

Here at MPC&R we help you work on your balance in a few different ways. One way we can enhance our physical balance is through the use of the wobble board. As you are on the wobble board your somatic nervous system kicks in full effect. The somatic nervous system controls your body’s voluntary and involuntary reflexes.  A common way to think about your involuntary reflexes is when your medical doctor taps your knee with a reflex hammer and your foot involuntarily jumps up. One way to explain voluntary reflex is when we raise our hand in class to answer a question the teacher has asked.

Using the wobble board helps your body to gain better balance. As you wobble from side to side or front to back your somatic nervous system works hard to engage the right muscles and ligaments inside the hips, pelvis, and sacrum so your body can find its grounding.  Our bodies are naturally built with righting reflex that wants to keep our eyes inline with the horizon so as we wobble our nervous system engages to keep us upright.

Working the nervous system this way gives our body the chance to properly respond when we need it most. Whether you are playing catch in the backyard or you are walking through the grocery store your body’s balance is being activated at all times.  Strengthening and stabilizing muscles and ligaments help our body’s overall communication and natural ability to heal.